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To Turkey, and further: Ocniţa, Moldova

2008-07-21 17:58

Previously published on a blog on wordpress.com, now long gone.

Today I woke up in the city of Ocniţa, Moldova (about 200 km north of the capital, Chişinău) I finally arrived here yesterday after a few winding bus rides from Чернівці (Chernivtsi), Ukraine, being helped by a few very kind and talkative Moldavians on the way. When I jumped off the bus by Platon bar, my host Amy suddenly appeared right there. We walked together back to her flat, located in a worn down concrete slab, 20 years old or so, just in the outskirts of this small city (10k people?), built around a large railway junction of the former Union. Back at the apartment, I met Ita, who was already staying with Amy for a few days, and we went over to the school/social center where she works, for having a shower. There is no water in most of the apartments on Sunday and Monday. Due to shortage? Or to the municipality not having paid the bills to the partly privatized water company? And corruption? Later we all had dinner, together with Misha and Annie. I fell asleep easily, being tired both mentally and physically, but also from feeling very at home and welcome.

Travelling has proved to be a little harder this time than before. Atleast it have started out like that. I feel secure and safe, but what takes me down is the lack social communion, physical contact and intimate coversations. Things that doesn’t come so easily when you travel alone and in places where you have more or less no common language with the majority of the people. I had some apprehension about going to Ukraine, but it worked out quite well and I had a good time and some good talks with people in Lviv. Though at times when I just cannot make myself understood, like finding out about from where or when that bus I want to take goes, and if that is at all where I should go. At times like that, loneliness can really kick in.

But today is good. A hot day, waving Ita off at the small bus station. Walking around for a while. Talking with Amy. Falling into a small siesta. And now seeing the sky becoming dark, turning into a storm, thunder rumbling in the distant, the lights flickering once in a while… I go to start preparing some dinner. Anyway, life is right now, and right now it feels good!