Daniel Lublin

Software developer, system administrator
and in-between

Development and administration primarily on Linux‐based platforms, but also other related systems. I adapt, integrate and develop new solutions – often based on free software.

Keywords: text, network and web‐oriented systems, standardized and own protocols and APIs, Internet, DNS, databases, automation, interoperability, data processing.

Extensive knowledge of the Linux operating system, development platform, and server. Well versed in a plethora of tools and practices for efficient development. Much experience of server systems and administration, virtualization, all kinds of automation, and so on. Comfortable with getting things done on the command line

Languages: C, Go, Python, shell script, ...

Examples of what I do:

Prefer clever yet simple and readable solutions – which are both reliable and can be maintained.

Work is often done remotely; our team keep close contact through suitable channels, such as IRC, XMPP, e‐mail. Version control, like Git, and issue tracking systems are used extensively. Probably some kind of code review.

Documentation is written in a readable text format, automatic generation of other formats is nice. I produce pretty documents using e.g. LaTeX, when such are needed.

Extensive practical experience of working with free software. Participating in discussions, reporting bugs, submitting patches. Much experience in reading code and getting familiar with all kinds of projects.

Fluent in English and Swedish. Great interest in other natural languages. Based in Malmö, south Sweden.